Product Designer 


My curiosity and empathy has guided my passion for problem-solving.

Having studied photography at the Ontario College of Art and Design my understanding of goal attainment has always been driven by why, not how. I strive to understand people and their needs at an individual level, in a physical space, but also how socio-economic, cultural and environmental influences shape those individuals.

Studying photography increased my awareness, made me more observant, but I felt limited by the output. I was stricken to the capabilities of the camera though this in turn, made me understand how to work within constraints. My photography work through my undergrad focused heavily on the study of semiotics - understanding the viewer and bringing cues to create flow through a physical space. 

The lineage between the study of semiotics and user experience, interface, interaction etc. etc. etc. is so tightly wound I can only see my progression towards it as natural.

I am currently living in Toronto, ON