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Product Designer and Owner/Operator

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Project Goal

Diving into my partner and I’s creative side. This exploration has allowed us the opportunity to fail together, bringing us ever closer. We have built this project around our love for the mid-century, collectables and objects with personality.  In an era of less is more, Our-s produces personified collectables and burnables made as an ode to 1970s gifting. Patiently made in our home with sustainable Ontario beeswax, we hope to create a functional dust collector for your space.


Our-s came about after we found this figure 5 years ago in Elora, ON. From that point onward it was just a matter of how. Neither of us having had any experience in custom mold making or pouring candles for that matter, decided to dive right in.

We learned quickly and failed even faster.

We learned that to get this right it was all about patience. In my career transition from Packaging lead in the booming cannabis industry to Product designer, I learned about myself and my ability to just dive into something and learn as I go. After many failed attempts of spilling liquid silicone all over our Toronto apartment, we finally got it right. 

We worked with friends to build a brand identity and together, made a webstore. 

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We realized that we could expand - develop products for businesses that we admire.

How do you say cold-calling without saying it?

We decided to dive deeper, establish our brand ethos, and look for companies that aligned with us. We have begun to collaborate with a couple of companies and are very excited to have that opportunity. 

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Next Steps

Moving Our-s to the next steps will consist of brand exploration and brand collaboration. This is an exciting point in the business, we are at the point where we’re able to dictate the direction we move towards. We are able to explore any opportunities we see fit and are excited to do so. 

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