Patients First - Sleep Health 


Product Designer


2 weeks (Feb 2021)

Project Type


Project Goal

Exploring why better sleep matters and how information can help aid Canadians sleep better. Proactive intervention can prevent early onset sleep disorders and help aid the transition from reactive healthcare.


25% of Canadians are dissatisfied with their sleep, 6-10% could be clinically diagnosed with insomnia; the remainder; 

Studies have shown, nighttime insomnia symptoms are negatively associated with self-perceived general health, mental health and quality of life.

In other words, the better Canadians perceived their health and quality of life the fewer nighttime insomnia symptoms they reported.


I had to pivot more towards implementing sleep health as a means of avoiding the sleep studies in general - this way, implementing proactive sleep health, understanding the aggregation of marginal gains and understanding the effects of implementing a habit we are able to avoid the problem entirely.


This was an important mark in my journey, I learned through first hand user testing that my prototype failed all applicable tests. I aimed to be vague in my description of tasks, with lack of information on the pages I assumed my icons would be vocal. I was incorrect - I made the users think too much, I left too much room for interpretation and no clear direction or flow.

Exploratory Sketches and my intial digital iterations turned out to be a failure.

The test worked in a way, I learned that people are creatures of habit - they like to be told what to do and do it how they normally do, reducing their cognitive load while using a digital application.

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Design Refinement

Through the second round of testing, prototype passed all tests, I put a lot of work into ensuring my iconography was clear and representative, headers were clearly denoting location, information was in the spots you'd think it was.

I aimed, for a few things, to even have for example, creating a 'Quick Note' to be where your finger would be right after clicking 'Add new page'. I wanted to see, with very clear direction how users would interpret this information.

Next Steps

Moving my design from mid-fidelity to high-fidelity I would bring a closer relationship between the look and feel and the content. I would spread things out a bit more, make more breathing room for each list item and CTA. I would bring a deeper tone to the project something more reminiscent of a ‘night mode’. This would unify the project looks to the project goals.

I feel I was able to make something functional for what it was and the time that I had to produce a functional prototype. Looking back, with what know now, I would design the project following a stronger grid system I feel this product is missing that.

I would colourize all iconography in the flow, I feel that this would add a lot and bring honestly, less confusion when landing on the open not because the eye would gravitate to the the heavier weighted sections of the page.